When I start to take things seriously, it's not long before I remember this experience- and it takes over. (I really hope this works !!) Seriously !!


(yes- I have a serious side. It just never lasts for too long)

It's true- what they say about dreams. If you write them down, you will remember more and more of them. I know this because i spent about 6 months doing just this. I wrote them all down- and they got pretty weird. Somehow I interpreted that weirdness for creativity, so what i started doing was write them out as poetry. I would take all the visuals, and the thoughts that came with them, and make them rhyme. One stupid one I remember was about a bus- big enough for the whole world to fit into. Where we were going- who the heck could tell.

I am now writing about this experience almost 30 years after the fact, so I guess where I am is where I was going (for now). Anyways, back then, I felt awesome about my experiment, and the experiences I was having- so I made a small book of my poetry for my mother as a gift. This would actually come back to haunt me. My mom is a bit of a hoarder (with a heart). She has saved all kinds of things over the years, and after about 30 years, she would give the stuff back to us. YUP !! I got the book back- I have never felt more sorry for anyone in my life as I did for my mother on that day- I was mortified. NONE of the poems made any sense at all !! How she ever received it, and made no response other than gratitude is way beyond my comprehension- I still apologize to her to this day for putting her through that !!

But I digress-- (LOL--I love that word)


I have had a few STAND OUT AWESOME dreams in my day- I am going to now start telling you about one that I had during that time back in the day, that has colored the way I am throughout my life.

Most dreams start with being asleep- so there I was- asleep.

Out in the distant sky,
out of the corner of my eye

(LOL- no- I'm not going to continue with this poem) - I could see a big giant hand. It was fascinating enough to get my attention, and then I noticed that it was moving toward me. After a little while, as it got closer, and closer, I could tell that I was starting to get a little scared- but decided that it couldn't hurt me, so- back to the task at hand- watching.... I watched, and watched- it got closer, and closer.
I did an assessment of it when it got close to my body, and it seemed very friendly. I decided that it could do what ever it wanted to. That's when i felt it hold my head. It felt pretty cool. I kept checking in with my feelings all along the way- It got real weird when the hand got INSIDE MY HEAD. It still felt fine, so I just watched while it kept getting deeper, and deeper into my head. There it was- at the very center of my brain,and this is what I heard.-----

(Instructions: before clicking on the player, get deeply relaxed in your head (as much as possible)-take some relaxing breaths, and prepare yourself to receive the most profound information that can be heard.
then- press the play button.)



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