Learnin', Leanin', Learnin'. My Anniversary



Otherwise titled- The workings of a stubborn know it all


I heard that if a human being doesn't eventually get some sleep, it will die. I really don't have any idea if that is true, but I have experience with years, and years of coming close to that.

My Anniversary---- the end of this month marks my one year anniversary of falling asleep in a normal time frame (I heard the number is- 7 minutes). I can't prove that I fall in the normal range, but for the last year, I have gotten at least 8 hours of sleep every night. I said, EVERY NIGHT !!

The SEVEN YEARS before that ?? not so much.......

About 5 years into my massage therapy career (I am using this reference on purpose), I started experiencing hip pain on an unbelievable scale. I didn't fully know it, but the pain was constant. Throughout the day, I could function, and woulda swore I was doing fine- HA !!!

Every night, as I lay down to sleep, my hip was telling me that there was something terribly, terribly wrong. Try as I might, I was unable to ignore it. Believe me when I tell you- I tried ignoring it EVERY night. After hours of lying in bed, I was forced to get up and do something about it-- these things included, but are not limited to:

*sleeping on the floor
*application of bio-freeze (polar lotion is WAY better)
*ever hear of using a tennis ball for trigger pts ?? I used a GOLF BALL !! (totally recommend it for chronic shit)
*gua sha (ask me- if i have 4 of them, I might sell u one- but just one !!)
*drinking (I really like the side effects)
*chiropractics, and of course- MASSAGE !!
*and finally, google.com

Google. com came into the picture about 5 years into the nightmare. Had to be about 3 in the morning and here I was- googling hip pain in relation to sleepless nights. Right there- on the top of the page was this statement by a Dr. "For patients with sleepless nights brought on by hip pain- I recommend hip replacement, and put them on the top of the list for surgery" I wasn't going to have that- so I kept reading--

Here comes a big "DUH" moment- (ready??)

"Patients that have hip pain from sleeping on their painful hip- should start sleeping on the OTHER ONE !!"

LOL- I got about 3 months of sleep out of that one--

I still had not licked the problem- because after a couple months reprieve, the pain would return WITH A VENGEANCE -- and believe me when I tell u- many, many nights, I was just plain afraid to go to bed at night- it totally sucked !

I had wondered a whole bunch of things- did I have arthritis ? Like that jackass Dr. said I would ? (I had been in an accident of sorts when I was younger)- Was I doomed ?? I remember the pain I went through after that- this was pretty much the same- sort of. I don't know- I wondered about a lot of things- like- why do Dr's tell people that they were going to get arthritis at an early age (because of accidents) ? huh ?? No cure- just stupid thoughts- did I fall for it ??


I said it's my anniversary, and I'm going to stick with the positive. :)

About 1 year ago- almost to this exact moment, my body decided that it had had QUITE ENOUGH !! It was going to take matters into it's own hands, and set the record straight- along with it's hip !! It was the middle of the night. I awoke to one of the oddest sights I had seen in the nighttime- in quite some time.

My body had contorted itself, and was doing a very subtle dance- all on it's own.

I was however watching (lucky me). At the end of the first sonata, I heard and felt the largest back crack known to man- The music went silent, and to be absolutely honest with you- I was very afraid. I totally wasn't sure that i was going to be able to move my legs- but as soon as I mustered up the courage, I gave it a shot- yup ! I can move- back to sleep. (I noticed that a lot of my stories have something to do with sleep- kinda keeps me innocent while I draw courage from these writings- to tell u what goes on in my WAKING life !!)

You would think that that is the end of my story, and the beginning of my miraculous cure - but it's not (I know- this is long, but hopefully one of u is still reading).

I don't know why, but i really didn't give the experience much thought- a little bit, but not much. The REALLY amazing thing is what happened a couple days later--

I was doing a massage (told you this had something to do with massage)-- All of a sudden my left (otherwise known as the afflicted side- unless I confuse it with my right) leg fell asleep !! I looked down, and took careful inventory of my posture-- WHOA !!!! I could tell by the way I was leaning on the table, leaning was the direct cause of the sudden sleepiness-- AND THEN- RIGHT THEN-- IT HIT ME !!!
When I was in school, 14 years now...... (I know-- eyes glazing over- but I'm almost done), we had a posture teacher (body mechanics). I really liked her a lot- Nancy something-- (tell her i said, hey !)-- Anyways--- she came up to me and asked me if i was tired (while I was practicing on someone)- I said, "No- why ??" she said,

"Because- I noticed you were leaning on the table"

(here comes the stubborn know it all part)

I didn't say anything out loud, but I thought to myself-- (seriously)- "look bitch, it's the way I work"

I can be such a stupid ass sometimes- I had been leaning CONSTANTLY- FOR MANY YEARS !!!! (it took me two weeks to get the muscle memory of standing on the floor going- trust me when I tell u- it was amazing to watch !) but now --for one whole year-- I don't lean on the table while i work.

I LOVE my bed now- and the invite of sleep-- not to mention how awake I am these days throughout the day---- now if I could just get my shoulder to unlock- cause walking around like this is getting embarrassing !!! :))


I now have a tad bit o- frozen shoulder



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