I have always wanted to write a book- Long story short, this might actually be how i do it. I have been told that I tell some pretty crazy stories. I'm going to try my hand at writing them out. Hope you enjoy, and hang with me while I play. First Blog- About My Name


Who I am

(well-- what you call me)

My name is Leana. We all have names- here is the story of mine. I was born on June 11th- The story about that goes like this- Mom, and Dad were in a car accident- with that- I wanted out !! I was born a month early, and I really prefer to drive above letting all others take the wheel.

My name is pronounced [leeanna]. This is actually quite a shock to most of my family, but I'm sure you know how when you say something over, and over, the brain and tongue have a way of blurring the facts in light of simplicity.

Anyways, UNUSUAL ? well maybe not at this stage in the game of life, but when I was growing up ?? Hell ! No one had ever heard of it. I do however remember that during one of our family's normal Sunday afternoon drives in Upstate NY, I saw a sign that said, "Leana's shoe store." For perspective, I will say that this was about 1968 ish. I really wanted to stop- but i wasn't driving at the time (see what I mean ?). It was the very first time in my life that I had ever seen my name- where it obviously had nothing to do with me. As I'm writing this, I'm wondering what, if anything my father had to do with it.

I have always liked my name. well, to say the least, it never did me any harm, and the years of - oh, how unusual, what a pretty name, etc... well, I think I must have gotten used to that at an early age- and by the time I was in 4th grade, last day of class, and the teacher still didn't know it- well- I was able to take it in stride- in a "whatever" kind of way (I'm actually giggling now- cause it's true)

BUT !!! One day, the curiosity arose in me to ask- WHERE THE HECK DID I GET MY NAME ?? As with any question, the answer lies in just who it is you decide to ask.

So !

Mom--how did I get my name? "Well, you were named after My sister, Allena- just changed the letters around"

Dad-"-- "Well, honey- you were named after a flower in Hawaii"


I had for a very long time preferred my father's description- because in a young mind, being named after a flower is- well.... a much prettier arrangement. In my late teens I had also been told that there was a weed in France who's name was similar to mine-- I could never confirm any of the flower arrangements, BUT !!!

When I was in 10th grade, I learned that a star in my constellation, (Gemini) was actually called, Alhena !!! (the left foot of the chick on the left.) LOL

Mom won the argument ! (but now I know for a fact- that both mom, and dad- had a total clue !!!) I was named after a star in my constellation !!!

AND !!!

While visiting in Hawaii (2006), I learned that June, 11th is a state holiday. It is a celebration of the first King of Hawaii- King Kamehameha


I heard he was an ass,

but a state holiday, is a state holiday.


With the invention of the internet, and my first computer, I have learned that the name I call, mine- is becoming more common by the day. I once did a search and discovered that a baby had been born- well, maybe she took a breath, but died-- in 1890 !!!! There have been many since, and some are actually famous now (sort of)-- Needless to say, I am in good company. But I'll bet none of them can say they were named after a star in their very own constellation, and if that doesn't do it, how many can say a flower was invented in their name, to honor a King's holiday !! (I made that part up--LOL- and my dad would have as well)

I will add here that it is quite embarrassing when a massage client (who doesn't speak English so much), says, "Leana"- and after the obligatory, "yes ??"-- she laughs, and says, "No- I meant- this is Leana" I laughed- cause I google my name quite often. :)

Have a listen while you leave a comment-- :)




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